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The collection of the Dutch Type Library provides exclusive fonts for the development of, for example, corporate identities, and because of the extensive range of character sets also fonts for specialist book productions.
        The most important contrast sorts based on the broad nib and flexible pointed pen, transitional forms, and sans serif are represented in the program of the Dutch Type Library. The graphic designer can therefore apply dtl’s collection of typefaces to solve all conceivable typographical cases.

Some dtl typefaces offer different versions for the large and small point sizes, and most fonts come in different weights. All fonts are, of course, available with old-style and tabular figures. In some cases, the small caps are accompanied by special custom (small) tabular figures. Beautiful ligature sets complete the range.

With its extensive character sets, the Dutch Type Library has been ahead of the development of Unicode-supporting fonts for more than three decades. The Dutch Type Library will continue to show this progressiveness in the coming years as the collection is further expanded. The collection will therefore continue to meet the highest demands set by designers.

DTL looseleaf type specimen

        Loose-leaf dtl type specimen

DTL Albertina BookLineDTL Albertina Book Italic

dtl Albertina

DTL Antares BookDTL Antares Book Italic

dtl Antares

|West |East | Turkish | Cyrillic | Greek |

DTL Argo Regular

|West |East | Turkish | Cyrillic | Greek |

DTL Argo Italic

dtl Argo

DTL Caspari RegularDTL Caspari Italic

dtl Caspari

DTL Caspari News RegularDTL Caspari News Italic

dtl Caspari News

DTL Documenta RegularDTL Documenta Italic

dtl Documenta

DTL Documenta Sans RegularDTL Documenta Sans Italic

dtl Documenta

DTL Dorian RegularDTL Dorian Italic

dtl Dorian

DTL Elzevir BookDTL Elzevir Book Italic

dtl Elzevir

DTL Estuary RegularDTL Estuary Italic

dtl Estuary

DTL Fell RegularDTL Fell Italic

dtl Fell

DTL Flamande with majusculesDTL Flamande with roman capitals

dtl Flamande

DTL Fleischmann RegularDTL Fleischmann Italic

dtl Fleischmann

DTL GrosCanon with large capitalsDTL GrosCanon with modified capitals

dtl GrosCanon

DTL Haarlemmer RegularDTL Haarlemmer Italic

dtl Haarlemmer

DTL Haarlemmer Sans RegularDTL Haarlemmer Sans Italic

dtl Haarlemmer

DTL Nobel RegularDTL Nobel Italic

dtl Nobel

DTL Paradox RegularDTL Paradox Italic

dtl Paradox

DTL Porta News RegularDTL Porta News Italic

dtl Porta News

DTL Prokyon RegularDTL Prokyon Italic

dtl Prokyon

DTL Romulus RegularDTL Romulus Italic

dtl Romulus

DTL Rosart OrnamentsDTL Rosart Ornaments

dtl Rosart Orn.

DTL Sheldon RegularDTL Sheldon Italic

dtl Sheldon

DTL Spanish Canon with majusculesDTL Spanish Canon with roman capitals

dtl Spanish

DTL Unico RegularDTL Unico Italic

dtl Unico

|West |East | Turkish | Cyrillic |

DTL Valiance Regular

|West |East | Turkish | Cyrillic |

DTL Valiance Italic

dtl Valiance

DTL VandenKeere RegularDTL VandenKeere Italic

dtl VandenKeere

The program of the Dutch Type Library covers the development of new typefaces first and also re-releases and revivals. The initiative for a new dtl font always comes from the Dutch Type Library. Designers are selected on quality and asked to develop a typeface that fits dtl’s philosophy. Most technical development, as well as the expansion of character sets, takes place internally at dtl. Re-releases and revivals are usually developed by the dtl Studio.

A re-release is a typeface that was once marketed but, usually for various reasons, has been available for a (very) short time. dtl Haarlemmer and dtl Albertina are examples of this. The production by Monotype of Haarlemmer was never completed due to the outbreak of the Second World War and only very sporadically –incomplete– matrix cases were sold. Albertina was originally developed in the early 1960s for the Monotype ‘hot metal’ typesetting machine, but was eventually marketed in 1966 for the Monophoto composer. Due to the somewhat poor quality of the Monophoto version and perhaps also due to the limited garnishes (semi-bold and bold variants were missing), Monotype Albertina was not very successful.

A revival is a redrawing of a historical type model that has disappeared from the scene due to changes in typographical preferences or new technology. The production of revivals makes sophisticated typefaces from the past available to today’s typographers. After all, it would be a great pity if the beautiful lead typefaces that Hendrik van den Keere, Christoffel van Dijck, Johann Michael Fleischmann, among others, once made for manual typesetting, were not available in digital format.

Pencil drawing of DTL VandenKeere Italic with IKARUS marking

Design drawing with ikarus marking

The fact that many of Jan van Krimpen's typefaces did not survive the transition from mechanical typesetting to phototypesetting and later digital typesetting is probably mainly due to the fact that Van Krimpen’s typefaces were not very successful commercially. However, the quality of Van Krimpen’s œuvre is beyond dispute; that is why the Dutch Type Library makes redrawings of a number of JvK typefaces with the utmost care.
        In addition to the already available dtl Haarlemmer, a total of 54 dtl Romulus fonts will be released in the spring of 2024. In the fall of 2024 dtl Sheldon, the bible type that Van Krimpen developed for the Oxford University Press in the first half of the twentieth century, will be brought on the market.

Cover of Jan van Krimpen's Memorandum

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