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May 2004, recordings were made for the Dutch Type Library at the Pieterskerk (St. Peters Church) in Leiden on the famous Van Hagerbeer organ from 1643. The organ player was the internationally acclaimed Leo van Doeselaar (1954), who is also the official player of the organ at the Concertgebouw (Royal Concert Hall) in Amsterdam. Only work of the great Dutch composer Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562–1621) was recorded. Sweelinck stood at the cradle of the North German Organ School and was teacher of, amongst others, Heinrich Scheidemann (ca. 1595–1663). The development of the North German Organ School lead eventually to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750). Sweelinck lived in the same time as the Flemish punchcutter Hendrik van den Keere (ca. 1540–1580) and the French printer Christophe Plantin (1520–1589).

Jan Pieterszoon SweelinckChristoffel Plantin

Van Hagerbeer organ and Sweelinck

dtl Flamande

The Sweelinck cd will be combined with a book that includes historical information about Sweelinck, the Van Hagerbeer organ, Van den Keere, and Plantin (especially about the Officina Plantinia at Leiden, which published some of Sweelinck’s work). Also it will include a type specimen of dtl VandenKeere (including a new series of fonts), dtl GrosCanon, dtl Flamande, and dtl SpanishCanon. dtl Flamande is based on textura models by Van den Keere and was created by the renowned English type designer Matthew Carter (1937).

The Sweelinck book/cd will be part of the larger dtl Type & Music Project that includes the combination of Michael Harvey’s (1931–2013) dtl Unico with music from Count Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer (1692–1766) and the dtl Fleischmann Project that must result in 2032 (325 years after Fleischmann was born) in an extensive publication about the German punchcutter.

B from the Parangonne Romaine and dtl VandenKeere

Capital B from Van den Keere's Parangon Romein

The intention is that this will be combined with a concerto (probably compositions of Bach’s favorite pupil Johann Ludwig Krebs [1713–1780]) in the Oude Lutherse Kerk (Old Lutheran Church) in Amsterdam, where Fleischmann was buried in 1768 and the presentation of a hand-cut stone in remembrance of Fleischmann.

To introduce the dtl Type & Music Project a special Sweelinck organ concerto was organized by the Dutch Type Library in the Pieterskerk in October 2004. Some of the Sweelinck recordings can be listened via the drop-down menu, top of this page.



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