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Cover of 'On the Origin of Patterning of Movable Latin Type'
Cover of 'DTL Fleischmann Schriftmuster'
DTL's looseleaf type specimen with slipcase

The Dutch Type Library has been a completely independent digital type foundry since 1990. From the outset, dtl has produced and published type-related publications, such as type specimens, booklets, and posters. dtl has also always been independent in the production of the printed matter: it has never applied for subsidies from the government or any other institution.

Some editions were produced in-house, such as the very labor-intensive loose-leaf type specimen, for which the linen binders and slipcases were made by hand. Inkjet printers were used for the spot color and the text was printed on high-quality paper on high-quality laser printers. Combining the different print runs, collecting the sheets, and perforating the paper was all done by hand. Those were the days…

The relevant publications and some publications of third parties that are in one way or another related to the Dutch Type Library can be ordered via dtl’s Fonts Book Boutique. Inevitably, some of the oldest publications, such as the booklet about Jan van Krimpen and Bruce Rogers and the Memorandum, are almost or completely sold out. However, reprints are scheduled.


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