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There are five different dtl online boutiques:

1. OpenType Boutique: or ordering OpenType (.otf) fonts.

2. Legacy Type Boutique: for ordering PostScript Type1 and TrueType fonts.

3. Web Fonts Boutique: coming soon (contact dtl for more information).

4. Font Books Boutique: for ordering dtl publications about letters and typography.

5. Font Tools Boutique: for ordering dtl’s font-production software.

In the dtl online boutiques one can pay with the most common credit cards, ideal and PayPal. Credit-card payments are processed by PayPal, however no PayPal subscription is required. The online connection to the boutiques is secured via ssl and customer information is, of course, treated with the utmost confidentiality.

DTL's personalized download page

Downloads can be made available through personalized web pages

OpenType fonts and software are delivered directly from the boutique server, or in exceptional cases via a personalized download page (this usually takes a little longer). Orders in the Legacy boutique are always processed manually and there may be some delay. Downloads remain on such a download page for a week, after which the links to the fonts are removed.

The boutiques are supported by all current browser types, including Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Brave.

FirefoxSafariInternet ExplorerGoogle Chrome

You can access the online boutiques via the drop-down menu above.

        License information

The price for a single-user license for an OpenType Standard font is € 125,– and € 100,– for a corresponding small-cap font. A license for a dtl font in the PostScript Type1 or TrueType format for a single user costs € 100,– excluding vat and shipping costs. When ordering a complete font family, a discount of 10% on the net-license price applies, regardless of the font format.

Download the dtl End User License Agreement (pdf).

Standard: t/d/p

Special: st/sd/sp


The OpenType Standard fonts contain both tabular and old-style figures. OpenType Pro ($250) and Plus ($250 + $100 per additional script) fonts also include small caps. The PostScript Type1 and TrueType fonts distinguish between Standard and Special. The standard fonts encoded t (‘Text’), d (‘Display’) or p (‘Poster’) have tabular figures. The added coding s (‘Special’) means that the font in question has old-style figures. The small caps (‘Caps’) fonts of a number of dtl typefaces have tabular figures at small-cap height, the other small-cap fonts have old-style figures.

When a license for both the Standard and the Special version of a PostScript Type1 or TrueType font is ordered, this is not charged twice, but a bundle price of €125,–, which corresponds to the price of an OpenType Standard font.

All stated amounts are exclusive of 21% vat and shipping costs.


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