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Various types of dtl type specimens, such as the loose-leaf edition, presentations, and booklets, can be downloaded from this page in the Portable Document Format (pdf).

The resolution-independent pdf documents provide a comprehensive and detailed overview of the weights and styles of the dtl fonts, with different point sizes. Applicable subsets of the fonts are embedded in the type specimens. They make it possible to view and print the fonts on the screen on any inkjet and laser printer.

Version 5.0 or newer of the Adobe (Acrobat) Reader is required to open the pdf documents. This free application can be downloaded from the Adobe website. Since pdf is a cross-platform format, the dtl type specimens can be viewed and printed under macOS, Windows, and Linux.

These pdf files contain particularly extensive presentations of a number of fonts of the Dutch Type Library.

These are the pdf files of the loose-leaf a4 type specimen of the Dutch Type Library. They show a comprehensive overview of the weights and styles in different body sizes.

The pdf files of the dtl Font Index show two fonts per page.
        The original format is a4.

DTL Paradox specimen

Of a number of specific type specimens dedicated to dtl typefaces pdf versions can be downloaded here.


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