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Monotype Type Drawing Office in the 1950s

Monotype’s Type Drawing Office (tdo) in the 1950s

Monotype caster

Monotype ‘hot-metal’ composing machine

In his Memorandum that Jan van Krimpen sent to The Monotype Corporation Ltd. in 1956, he described his objections to the general production of typefaces for the Monotype ‘hot-metal’ composing machine. The 18-unit arrangement system of the type caster imposed limitations on Monotype’s Type Drawing Office (tdo). To place characters in the system, type designs had to be modified. In addition to his objections to the production method of Monotype fonts, Van Krimpen gave his unvarnished opinion about making revivals.
Production of working drawing at Montype’s TDO

        Production of working drawing at Montype’s tdo

Van Krimpen’s Memorandum is central to the Monotype Recorder, New Series / Volume 9 from 1996. This Recorder is entitled The Dutch Connection. It is introduced and explained by Huib van Krimpen. David Saunders, who was responsible for the production of Spectrum at Monotype and who worked with Van Krimpen, refutes the criticism in the Memorandum in an article. In Jan van Krimpen and Bruce Rogers, Mathieu Lommen describes how these two famous book typographers were completely opposed to each other in their design philosophy, although they also appreciated each other’s type designs and book typography. The Recorder also contains articles about the history of the Haarlemmer typeface by Van Krimpen and Albertina by Chris Brand, and how the digital variants of these were created at the Dutch Type Library in the 1990s.
Measuring the copper pattern for Monotype matrix

        Measuring the copper patern for Monotype matrix

The special thing about this Monotype Recorder is that it was produced in the Netherlands by the Dutch Type Library.

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