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Typefaces for Professionals
by Professionals

In the past decades the graphic design industry has become quite volatile and the inexpensive or even free tools for editing images and page-layout software have made the profession of the graphic designer less exclusive.
        The same is the case when it comes to the métier of the type designer. After all, font-production software is in general extremely affordable or even available for free today –with exception of the high-end font tools produced by dtl/urw. Additionally, present-day hardware is fast and inexpensive, especially if one compares this with the power and the pricing of font-production systems in the past.
        Before the rise of desktop publishing the big typesetting-machine manufacturers produced a handful of typefaces per year to support their hardware. As a result only the very best type designs were converted into typefaces. Nowadays there is often no filtering, i.e., everyone can publish typefaces without any reviewing processes.

Johann Michael Fleischmann

Johann Michael Fleischmann

In this rapidly changing environment the Dutch Type Library produces fonts the old-school way. The emphasis is not on quantity or a speedy production process, but on quality. Since the end of the 1980s dtl only cooperates with professionals who all were trained as type designers via formal education, while developing type for the highly skilled ultimate professionals among the graphic designers.
        The list of dtl’s type designers contains four doctors in typography, of whom one holds a honorary degree, a number of masters in type design, a couple of bachelors in graphic design, and even a Member of the Order of the British Empire (mbe). Some of them are renowned educators in type design and typography. Furthermore, the list contains also a few names of historic type designers and punchcutters of whom typefaces were revived, like the illustrious Johann Michael Fleischmann pictured above.
        Besides the designers who are listed below, many others worked in the past 30 years on the dtl fonts, by, among other things, making the working drawings, digitizing manually in the ikarus format, doing post-production work with dtl OTMaster, et cetera.

dtl’s type designers in alphabetical order:

Frank E. Blokland

Dr. Frank E. Blokland

Chris Brand

Chris Brand

Matthew Carter

Dr.h.c. Matthew Carter

Stijn Cremers

Stijn Cremers ma

Gerard Daniëls ba

Christoffel van Dijck

Nikola Djurek

Dr. Nikola Djurek

Andrea Fuchs ba

François Guyot

Hanna Hakala

Hanna Hakala ma

Michael Harvey

Michael Harvey mbe

Erhard Kaiser ba

Hendrik van den Keere

Jan van Krimpen

Jan van Krimpen

Lukas Schneider

Lukas Schneider ma

Elmo van Slingerland ba

Prof. Fred Smeijers

Gerard Unger

Dr. Gerard Unger

Dirck Voskens